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Strengths in Organizations – Ways of StrengthsFinding (Intermediate level)

Free for Workery Members
$35 for Non-Members

Strengths in Organizations – Learn the benefits and ways ofStrengthsFinding with others. Join us at the Workery's carriage house for an intermediate level workshop on how to use your Top 5 Strengths with others in organizations.

Whether you want to use it with your family, your work team or even your whole business, in this 90-minute workshop you will learn the benefits and ways of StrengthsFinding organizations, learning the tools that have proven to make successful Strengths-based teams. Practice how to use Team Strengths grids, explore how your Strengths partner with the Strengths of others, and review the 34 themes of talent to widen your knowledge. 

Gallup has researched numerous leaders, managers, individual-contributors and work teams for over 50 years. They have found there’s significant potential in developing what is innately right with people versus trying to fix what’s wrong with them. According to the Harvard Business Review article by Brandon Rigoni, Ph.D. and Jim Asplund called Developing Employees’ Strengths Boosts Sales, Profit, and Engagement:

“On average, workgroups that received a strengths intervention improved on all of these measures by a significant amount compared with control groups that received less-intensive interventions or none at all. Ninety percent of the workgroups that implemented a strengths intervention of any magnitude saw performance increases at or above the ranges shown below.

  • 10%-19% increase in sales
  • 14%-29% increase in profit
  • 3%-7% increase in customer engagement
  • 9%-15% increase in engaged employees
  • 6- to 16-point decrease in turnover (in low-turnover organizations)
  • 26- to 72-point decrease in turnover (in high-turnover organizations)
  • 22%-59% decrease in safety incidents”

As an intermediate-level conversation for adult learning and growth, we will assume you have named, claimed and continue to aim your Top 5 Talents to make them into Strengths as you decide to walk the Strengths journey in a Gallup and CSF context. Another session for beginners is available this same day before this class for those interested. If you have already taken your assessment before and need to retrieve your results, please contact the Gallup Strengths Center to login to your Strengths dashboard. I am happy to answer any questions you might have, please reach out and thank you!